About us

Infinity Centre for Higher Studies, a well recognized institution for higher education offers educational courses for both young men and women from all ethnic and religious background. Started in 2013 with distance education courses on Intercultural Studies at Akkaraipattu, the institution increased its study centers gradually across the country and by 2013, the institution started its regular courses. The institution offer courses on Information Technology, Intercultural Studies and Professional Accounting (AAT). It also conducts short term programs on Soft Skills both onsite and in offshore sites.

The institution offers globally recognized courses, some of them certified as per the standards of ISO 9001. The institution is managed by an International board, where the members of the board are recognized locally in larger forums in their respective disciplines.

Guided by these well recognized intellectuals, the initiatives of the institution arise from a sound philosophy of life based on faith in God and the contemporary reality of a pluralistic Sri Lankan society which is challenged by global ideologies and cultures. The institution is committed to serve the economically and socially marginalized sections in the Sri Lankan society.