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Featured Courses

Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Exams

Start your journey in the finance sector with our customized AAT course for quicker job opportunities and growth. Diploma in AAT has global opportunities and a well established career path.

Diploma in IT

Renovate your career path and open up a world of opportunities with a degree in computer applications. Learn from the experts in the field and get the best hands-on experience.

Diploma in E-Commerce

E-commerce is the future of business and our course helps you be early adopters to the technology. Transforming local businesses to global partners can be achieved through E-commerce.

Certificate in PHP

PHP is the most required skill in the current web development industry. Designing dynamic websites with PHP is now one of the most wanted skills on the job market. Get a four-month certificate PHP course from the experts.

Diploma courses

Diploma in Office Automation 4 Months Vavuniya + Villages as extension centres on request
Diploma in E-Commerce 4 Months Vavuniya
Diploma in Web Designing & 2D Animation 4 Months Vavuniya
Diploma in Multimedia Techniques 4 Months Vavuniya
Diploma in Graphic Designing 4 Months Vavuniya
Diploma in DTP 4 Months Vavuniya
Application Development using ASP.NET 4 Months Vavuniya
Diploma in Information Technology 9 Months Vavuniya
Office Application Expert - COAE 6 Months Vavuniya / Mannar
Graphic Design Expert - CGDE 6 Months Vavuniya / Mannar
Diploma in AAT 18 Months Mannar

Certification courses

Certificate in JAVA (Core + Adv.) 4 Months Vavuniya
Certificate in PHP 4 Months Vavuniya
Java For Mobile Technology 6 Months Vavuniya
Certificate Course in Oracle & RDBMS 6 Months Vavuniya
Data Entry Operator Course 6 Months Vavuniya
Information and Communication Technology Expert 6 Months Vavuniya / Mannar
English language Testing 3 Months Vavuniya / Mannar
Certified Hotel Reception - CHR 6 Months Vavuniya / Mannar
Android Course 1 Months Online
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Using Python- Introduction Course 4 Months Online
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Using Python- Online Course 3 Months Online
Python and MongoTB - Live Project - Online Class 3 Months Online
A to Z Android Application - Development Course and Certification - Module 1 3 Months Online
Android Application - Development Course - Free Class 3 Months Online

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